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E-mail ( is ALWAYS best.  I am blessed with a great business, and IíM ALMOST NEVER AVAILABLE TO THE TELEPHONE. My phone rolls over to voice - mail when I'm on another line, and I usually return my calls at the end of my business day if time permits.

I see customers STRICTLY by prior appointment only.  Iíll be happy to provide driving directions and my address AFTER we have scheduled an appointment. Appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  I am absolutely not available on weekends or evenings. These are also the ONLY times that you stand a prayer of getting me on the telephone at the shop. I give private lessons every afternoon, and my weekends and evenings are usually committed to gigs and recording sessions. 

If your going to be visiting New Orleans, please give me a "heads up" as to when you'll be in town, and I'll do my best to schedule some time for you. I try to be as flexible as possible for out of town customers.


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