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"Thanks for your expert help!"
                                                    MICHAEL BRECKER
"Thanks for the repairs! This is how we clap our hands!"
                                                    MACEO PARKER
"Without you my horn would suck!"
                                                    BEN ELLMAN (Galactic)
"The best repairman in the world!"
                                                    CHARLES NEVILLE
"A real boneroo repairman!"
                                                     JERRY JUMONVILLE
"The Man with the Golden Hands!"
                                                      "BREEZE" CAYOLLE
" The horn is a KILLER! Thanks!"
                                                        JACK PRYBILSKI
                                                        Amherst, Ny 
"I love what you did to my tenor"
                                                        LARRY GREENE
                                                        Boston, Mass
"It takes a bari player to understand a bari. It's fabulous!"
                                                        GEORGE BRISCOE
                                                        San Antonio, Tx
"I've owned this horn for 30 years and never thought it could play like this!"
                                                        JOHN MILLER
                                                        Pensacola, Fl
"Nobody else will ever touch my bass or my tenor again!"
                                                        REID DENNIS
                                                        Washington, DC
"I love it! Great Job!"
                                                         DAVE LOVETT
                                                          Indianapolis, In
"The overhaul turned the Super 20 into a beast! No wonder I keep  coming back"
                                                            ARIE SPEKSNYJDER
                                                             The Hague, Netherlands
"I'm very happy with my Naked Lady"
                                                             UTZE RITTER
                                                              Hamburg, Germany

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